We’re going on a bear hunt

This week in nursery we have been reading the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ The children have enjoyed building bear caves in the construction area, counting how many fish we can find in the ‘deep cold river’ (water tray), going on bear hunts outside in the outdoor area and exploring different textures from the story and making marks to represent the ‘swishy swashy grass’ etc. On the maths table the children have been sorting bears into size order and counting how many bears in each group.

We have been focusing on the number 9 during our carpet sessions. Recognising the number, forming the number and adding two groups of objects together to equal 9. Our letter of the week has been P. The children have been finding objects that begin with the ‘p’ sound and forming the letter “down the plait and over the pirates face.”

All the children did a fantastic job at our mile walk on Monday. The year 6 children very kindly helped us to do our walking.


Thank you very much for your kind donations for our school fair. Mrs Sturgess has been busy counting all the smarties ready for you to guess how many for a chance to win them all. Please join us tomorrow, Saturday 24th June 12-3pm 🙂

Sports Day

A big well done to all the children for a fantastic nursery sports day, we are very proud of you all. Thank you to all the parents/carers/grand parents who came along and supported us, we hope you enjoyed watching.




Sun Safety week

This week in nursery we have been discussing the sun and how we keep safe in the sun. We have watched video clips about sun safety and outside we have talked about wearing sun hats and sun cream and how keeping in the shade is a sensible choice.

We have been reading Super worm at carpet times. The children have enjoyed joining in with repeated parts of the story and making up actions to do to them. We have been practicing our cutting skills by cutting along spiral templates to create long wiggly worms. Outside the children have enjoyed drawing super worm on the floor and deciding whose is the longest or shortest.


We have been measuring things this week. In the sand we have been digging for pieces of string and putting them in length order. At the number table we have been using blocks to measure how tall flowers are and then writing the number of blocks we have used. The children have been practicing forming the letter ‘i’ this week, we have played games on the interactive board and used our fingers to form the letter in the sensory sand.


Reminder: Nursery sports day will be on Thursday 8th June.

Morning 10:45am       Afternoon 2:30pm

You are welcome to come and watch your child, if you have any questions please ask a member of the nursery team.

Our nursery outdoor area gets very hot on sunny days. Please apply sun cream to your child before nursery and send a sun hat with their name in. Thank you.

Have a lovely half term break and we will see you back at nursery on Monday 5th June.

The nursery team


Mini beasts

This week in nursery we have been doing mini beast hunts. The children have enjoyed searching under rocks and in bushes looking for different types of mini beasts. They have also enjoyed using the mini beast remote controllers and the wool to make a web on the large cardboard box outside.



We have focused on the spider this week, the children have been singing Incy Wincey Spider and listening to the book ‘the very busy spider’ at carpet and group time. We have been practicing threading spiders webs at the finger gym and have been searching through rice to find all kinds of mini beasts.

Our number of the week has been 4. The children have been working in the role play school counting how many teddies are there and using the worksheets to practice their number formation. We have focused on the letter S and the sounds it makes ‘ssssssss’. The children have used their fishing nets to catch things beginning with the ‘sssss’ sound in the water tray and played games on the board, listening for the sound.

We have listened to the children’s interests and introduced some super heroes into the construction area. We have had some fantastic cities constructed for our super heroes to save.


We have started practicing for sports day races during our P.E sessions this week. Details of when sports day will take place will follow shortly 🙂

The Nursery Team

Welcome back

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Easter break. A big welcome back to Mrs Wilmshurst who has returned from maternity leave and has joined us in nursery.

This week we have been looking at mini beasts, focusing on the ladybird. The children have enjoyed listening to our book of the week ‘what the ladybird heard’ and using the animals in the small world area to act the story out. On the craft table we have been using paper plates and paints to make a ladybird and we have been modelling with clay dough at the malleable table to make mini beasts.

Our number of the week has been 2. The children have been finding 2 farm animals in the sand tray, counting 2 objects in the water tray and exploring the number 2 box at the math’s table. We have focused on the letters ‘m,a,s,d,t’ this week, the children have been practicing the sounds and finding objects around nursery that start with each sound.

Outside the children have enjoyed using water and paint brushes to form the number 2 on the floor and have been forming the letter ‘m’ in soap flakes on the tuff spot. We have also used ribbon sticks to make circles and number 2’s in the air.

Baking will start again on Thursday 27th April. A group of 5 children will go with Miss Lear to the practical room each week until all the children have had a chance to bake. We would really appreciate a small donation for supplies if possible please.

The nursery team