Polar Bears

This week in nursery we have been looking at polar bears and penguins. The children have enjoyed watching an information video about polar bears and reading our book of the week ‘polar bear paddle.’ We have made our dark den into a polar bear cave and moved our penguins to the ‘South pole’ tuff spot.

The children have enjoyed exploring the shaving foam and snow. They were challenged to find sea creatures and count how many there were. Some children matched the amount of sea creatures to the correct penguin number card.


Outside the children have been using props to make boats for the boy and his penguin friend. They discussed key characters from last weeks story ‘lost and found’ and discussed how they could travel from the North to the South pole.


Check book bags in the next few days for a letter regarding our Christmas Nativity. The morning children’s Nativity will take place on Wednesday 13th December at 10:30am and the afternoon children’s Nativity will be on Tuesday 12th at 2:30pm. We hope you can join us 🙂


The nursery team


This week the children have enjoyed learning about penguins! We have been reading the story ‘Lost and found.’ The children have enjoyed making telescopes at the craft table to search for the penguin and during group times we have been discussing the characters and what happens in the story. We have been following the maze with our pens to find the characters from the story and using the play dough to mould into penguins.


We have had the dark tent out this week. The children have loved using the torches to explore the materials and little penguins inside. We have also looked at penguin books and learnt some interesting facts. The children have enjoyed waddling like penguins and exploring other movements outside.


We have introduced the children to our Christmas nativity this week. They have enjoyed practising the songs and we have discussed the Christmas story. Please look out for letters regarding tickets in the near future.

Friday 24th November is a training day. Nursery will be back open on Monday 27th November.

The nursery team


Hello parents and carers old and new. We have been very busy in nursery so far this year. We have been sorting resources and equipment to work in our downsized classroom, we have been spending time ensuring our children who now stay all day are happy and we have welcomed lots of new children and families into our setting. Also along with the reception team we have been putting our time into getting our brand new outdoor area ready for the children to explore.

This school year welcomes two teachers to work with your child throughout their nursery journey. Mrs Wilmshurst joins us on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Dawson will be with us Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays. We also have three key workers to share your child’s experience. Mrs Smart who works every morning session, Mrs Sturgess who works every afternoon session and Miss Lear who works both the afternoon and morning sessions. Mr Smith joins us some days and Mrs Cribbes joins us for an hour on Wednesday afternoons.

Thank you to everyone who returned their postcards with holiday news. We loved hearing what the children had been up to and the children really enjoyed sharing their experiences.

In nursery this half term we are focusing on ‘ourselves.’ The children have enjoyed drawing around their friends and naming all the body parts. They have enjoyed exploring our medical centre role play, making their friends and the babies feel better and fixing broken bones.


We have also been talking about our senses and going on walks in and around the school grounds using our ears to see what we could hear. We have also discussed our families, who lives in our homes and what type of homes we all live in.


We will be holding a very informal parents evening next week. A chance for you to drop in, have a look around nursery and have a quick chat with the nursery teacher about your child. Mrs Wilmshurst will be in nursery 3:45pm until 5:00pm on Tuesday 10th October and Mrs Dawson will be in nursery 3:45pm until 5:00pm on Wednesday 11th October.

Thank you the nursery team



School fair

Thank you to everyone who came to support us at the school fair on Saturday. We managed to raise £36.50 on our stall.

Well done to Tygii in 3C who guessed the teddy bear’s name, Bella. Also well done to Libby in 1T who guessed that there were 1501 Smarties in the jar which was just 27 away from the correct amount of 1528.

We’re going on a bear hunt

This week in nursery we have been reading the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ The children have enjoyed building bear caves in the construction area, counting how many fish we can find in the ‘deep cold river’ (water tray), going on bear hunts outside in the outdoor area and exploring different textures from the story and making marks to represent the ‘swishy swashy grass’ etc. On the maths table the children have been sorting bears into size order and counting how many bears in each group.

We have been focusing on the number 9 during our carpet sessions. Recognising the number, forming the number and adding two groups of objects together to equal 9. Our letter of the week has been P. The children have been finding objects that begin with the ‘p’ sound and forming the letter “down the plait and over the pirates face.”

All the children did a fantastic job at our mile walk on Monday. The year 6 children very kindly helped us to do our walking.


Thank you very much for your kind donations for our school fair. Mrs Sturgess has been busy counting all the smarties ready for you to guess how many for a chance to win them all. Please join us tomorrow, Saturday 24th June 12-3pm 🙂