Church visit

We all had a great time up at church today! A huge thank you to Steve Smith and all the lovely helpers at St Peter’s.  Thank you very much to all the parents, grand parents and carers who came along with us. We hope you had fun and we want to thank you for your support.


Have a wonderful Easter holidays and we will see you back at nursery on Monday 16th April.

The nursery team


Meet a creature

The children have enjoyed our special visitors from meet a creature today. Some of us were brave enough to touch and hold some of them. A big thank you to Dean for coming in to talk to us about all the amazing creatures.

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Thank you for your kind donations towards meet a creature today, we really appreciate your support.

The nursery team

Welcome back

Hello parents and carers, we hope you all enjoyed the half term break. 🙂

This week we have been talking about worms! The children have enjoyed reading our book of the week ‘super worm’. We have been making worms using the resources at the craft table and displaying them in our wriggly den. The children have also used the play dough to create long or short worms and the chalk to draw different kinds of worms.


We have made our own wormery this week. We talked about what we would need for the worms to live in our wormery and during group times we went onto the field to dig for worms to add to our special jar.



Reminder : Thursday 1st March is world book day. Your child is welcome to dress up as their favourite character and bring their favourite book to share with us.

Please check book bags for letters regarding upcoming events. We will be having some exciting visitors coming to nursery soon 🙂

The nursery team


We have had lots of fun in nursery the past two weeks. Last week we were thinking about the moon. The children enjoyed packing a suitcase to go to the moon, learning poems about the moon, exploring the space rocket at the small world table and using the moon dust to make marks. Our book of the week was ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ Our number of the week was 7, the children enjoyed counting 7 objects and recognising the number.

Outside we enjoyed mark making with the chalks, pens and red glitter. We opened the mud kitchen and lots of children enjoyed role playing and exploring the area.

            If your child has some wellies they could change into we would really appreciate you bringing them in for them to wear when using the mud kitchen.


This week we have been talking about Chinese New Year. The children have enjoyed role playing in our Chinese restaurant, using chopsticks to pick up pom poms to make marks, listening to the story of the Chinese New Year and using chopsticks to pick up noodles outside. We have also looked at the number 8, glittery play dough and revisited all the rhymes we have learnt.


Thank you to everyone who has been taking part in the school reading challenge. Please keep it up 🙂  For this half term’s prize we drew two names from a hat and the winners of a new book were Josh and Lilly.

Nursery closes this Wednesday 7th February for the half term holidays. We hope you all have a lovely week and we will see you back on Monday 19th February.

The nursery team

Night and day

This week in nursery the children have enjoyed thinking about night and day. For the first half of the week we have had coffee granules on our malleable table and the second half of the week we have had cloud dough. The children have discussed the difference in colours, textures and smells.  Some children had lots of fun helping Mrs Wilmshurst make the cloud dough.


We have been talking in detail about nocturnal animals this week. We have watched a clip about the animals and their attributes that make them good night time animals. The children have enjoyed sorting animals into night and day.


We have kept some monkeys at our maths table this week. The children have been counting how many they have and then finding the glittery number to match.

Outside the children have enjoyed counting out the correct number of pebbles on the markings.


Our book of the week has been ‘owl babies’. We have read it on the carpet and in groups. The children have enjoyed making their favourite characters from the story at the craft table.


The nursery team